SF, California St

So near yet so far away

This past Sunday we got in the car to visit a city that is only seventy miles away.  I had not been there in five years, almost to the day. We used to go quite often but things happen and time passes. We were going to drive to a train station and take BART(Bay Area Rapid Transit).  At the last minute, I begged to take the car all the way in so we could see more. The traffic gods had decided to smile on us because we didn't see a single jam all day.

We hadn't seen the Bay Bridge this free of traffic since the 1990's ! Of course we usually came in on Saturday.
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Blond hair

I just finished Born Again, a murder mystery/reincarnation/love triangle story. It wasn't bad. It was just odd. I kept thinking I was missing something in the translation. It had a lot of great bits, but sometimes they didn't seem to come together logically. And they decided to get cute with the ending.

Winning streaks end

The past few months I've watched two great K-dramas in a row.  First Fower of Evil with Lee Joon-gi and Moon Chae-won.  And then Healer starring Ji Chang-wook. I was on a roll.
But then...
The look on Lee Soo-hyuk face is a perfect match for my feelings about High School King of Savvy . I was having serious doubts halfway through this mess but I decided to see it to the end. It had some redeeming qualities. Unfortunately the last episode pretty much flushed that all away. It wasn't just bad, it was 'What the hell were they thinking?!!' bad. And to top it off, my daughter, with an evil smirk on her face, reminded me it was 17+ hours of my life I could never get back. (In fairness, this is something she also says about herself after she slogs through something that turns out awful)
But that was last night. This morning I'm looking for a new show and hoping I remember that persistence doesn't always pay off. :-)

Is this the way we finally get out of this?

Got up on Sunday morning, had breakfast, the usual. Then it was a car ride down the freeway to the hospital. Or rather , a tent in the hospital parking lot. It was overcast and chilly. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt for easy access to my upper arm. Should have worn a warmer jacket. The line wasn't long, even with social distancing. Credentials were verified and then the wait in the numbered, socially distanced chairs. This picture was taken in the after-jab tent. I amused myself by imagining one of the side effects being the sprouting of antlers. Alas, the guy in front of me remained antler-free. After fifteen minutes, we were allowed to go.  It's been about a year exactly since the lockdown became serious around here.  The date floated out  for return to normal is July 4. (Sounds political :-)

Found in late November

I don't know what these trees are.  Being California, it's either a fruit or a nut.  And I can't explain why they are so green and fluffy in late November.  I'm ashamed to admit that before the lock downs, I didn't pay much attention to what was going on beyond the city limits, unless it involved a trip to nearby towns and cities. Agriculture around here is more industrial than bucolic. 

Late summer corn field revisited

After putting them aside for a few months, I have picked up my film cameras again. Compared to digital, they seem expensive and impractical. But I love the experience of using them. And while the result can seem rougher, I feel it also looks more authentic.

This is my current favorite, a Minolta X570 with a 45mm f/2 Rokkor on front.
The camera cost me US$ 70 for the body and I think another 70 for the lens, I could have gotten the lens for less but I was looking for one in really good shape mechanically.