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Whole Earth Festival 2018

This is our local annual celebration of counterculture, if such a thing exists anymore.  I think it was originally dedicated to the arrogance that the world could(and/or should) be radically changed in a single generation. By a single generation.

This gentleman is a drummer for a local Hare Krishna group.
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Well meaning but kind of horrible.

These buildings house the offices of a large public pension fund.

I think they wanted something that was easy to keep clean and used little water.
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I would bet this place won all sorts of design awards. And one imagines that the people who work here go home to suburbs that are just as tidy and tightly controlled. 

Work will consume you if you let it.

I am currently attempting to get my life back. I'm posting a shot of a lady who seems to be enjoying her's.  She was handing out pamphlets about the danger of synthetic perfumes and how they disrupt the health of sensitive persons. I took this picture with a film camera that cost US$89. Used of course. The film is Tri-X, Kodak's most venerable black&white emulsion.  The camera is a Nikon N80, a nifty little auto-focus. 

Spring is sprunging

...because sheep eating green grass is a symbol of spring around here.

Rainy Saturday, sunny Sunday

We are very very grateful to the sky and water deities that blessed us with much needed rain. 

But I will have the good manners to hide in under the cut.  (It's Rupert Everett and yes it's full frontal. )

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And no, I am not interested in a link to anyone's porn site. 

Clapboard church

Rural areas around here are dotted with these little churches. Plain. White. Wood. Some have graveyards. Some don’t.

We love hummingbirds

When the feeder runs out, they stare in the window.



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