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Hanging Out in California

Photographs and a few words

The fires this time
This picture is a family member, suited up to bicycle into town. Even though we are a hundred miles from the nearest big fire, the smoke plume is reaching far and wide. The university cancelled classes for the second day in a row. But the air quality has been upgraded from very unhealthy to unhealty for sensitive groups.

Just because you want or need something doesn't mean it will always be there
We have lived in this town for thirty years. That doesn't make us oldtimers. But it does mean we probably have lived here longer than the majority of people who live here now.  Hibbert Lumber has been here for over seventy years but that ends after next year. The children of the founders want to retire and unless they can find someone to take over, the business will close. There is another hardware store in town but it's part of a chain and not as good as this one. There are no other lumber yards.  If you need half a dozen two by fours (will that be pine or redwood?), you will be out of luck and into at least a half hour drive out of town.

Mexican restaurant
This is one of our favorite places to eat in Sacramento. The decor is arty, eclectic, cosy, funky but not pretentious. And the food is great.

Taking a chance
So.... There was this camera that I really wanted but I was having a hard time finding one in really nice shape. Then a link took me to Etsy. Never bought anything from Etsy. I thought it was the sort of place where one would buy scented candles and fashion accessories. Not camera gear.  But I really wanted this camera and it looked good in the photos.  When it arrived, it looked as good as the photos. Just got the scans from the first roll of film.  Yeah, I'm a satisfied customer.

Philosophical problem

I have a new (used) lens coming on Friday. I'm hoping my latest two rolls of film will be processed and scanned and up on the server on Friday. I'm hoping to use the new (to me) lens on the weekend after Friday. Now I have to get through the rest of the (work) week without wishing my life away until Friday.

Good intentions
I wanted to get out this afternoon to shoot some black & white. Unfortunately, the plumbing in building three decided to throw a tantrum. Maybe it's a sign. I shouldn't fall in love with Acros as Fuji discontinued it this month.  Whatever. I'm supposed to have Sundays off but there are plumbers who work weekends and for that I am very grateful.
I did manage to get a shot with my phone, yesterday, while heading into the grocery store. One of my photo buds says this little flag looks sad.

Cheap thrills
This is one of the best cameras Nikon ever produced and it can be had for less than a cheap digital camera. In a couple of years, when the cheapie digital is less than junk, this will still be one of the best cameras Nikon ever produced.

Another flag picture?!

I was looking though my older entries and noticed that this didn't get posted. 

A time of too much work
There are times when you fight hard for balance but it's impossilble to reach. 

Grocery store flowers

These are multiple plants sitting in a lot of rather small pots.  Around here people buy a lot of plants that are ready-made, kind of like microwavable food. No time or patience to wait for something to grow from seed. I admit to doing that with perrenials such as salvia or succulents or pelargoniums.  Right now I'm doing a silly little experiment to see if I can plant a zinnia in August and get it from seed to flower before it gets too cold. I think I'll be okay with the temperatures but the shortening daylight may be the limiting factor.