Hanging Out in California

Photographs and a few words

One scary map
Most of these fires are not huge, but two are of serious consequence. The Ferguson fire has closed Yosemite for almost a week. That's kind of like closing Harrod's in the middle of Xmas season.  The other serious blaze is the Carr fire. It is much bigger than Ferguson and is on the edge of Redding, a town of almost a hundred thousand people.  Historically the worst month of fire season is October. 


We have various wall murals around downtown. Some of them in obscure spots like this pedestrian alley. They are done in a variety of styles. This one, I presume, is done after a movie poster from the 1950's. 

Most people love the sun
But I have always preferred the shade.

The hot doldrums

This year so far I have been mostly shooting color film, but the light lately has been a bit hard for that. So I got out my digital camera and set the EVF to black&white. (Sometimes when the heat starts to dull your brain, you need to shake things up a little) There is a serene logic to limiting yourself to form and light, without the distraction of color.

Some very fancy dirt
The base of this dirt pile is about 2 X 2 meters. It's about 1.5 meters high. It cost US$400.  Yes, I'm waiting for that phone call when my bosses get the bill. 

It's not June yet and already I'm complaining about the heat.
Over the past weekend, the temp got up to 95F (35C). Probably the hottest day this year so far.  The pool water is still around 70F (21C?) 

Whole Earth Festival 2018
This is our local annual celebration of counterculture, if such a thing exists anymore.  I think it was originally dedicated to the arrogance that the world could(and/or should) be radically changed in a single generation. By a single generation.

This gentleman is a drummer for a local Hare Krishna group.
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Well meaning but kind of horrible.
These buildings house the offices of a large public pension fund.

I think they wanted something that was easy to keep clean and used little water.
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I would bet this place won all sorts of design awards. And one imagines that the people who work here go home to suburbs that are just as tidy and tightly controlled. 

Before, after and now

Work will consume you if you let it.
I am currently attempting to get my life back. I'm posting a shot of a lady who seems to be enjoying her's.  She was handing out pamphlets about the danger of synthetic perfumes and how they disrupt the health of sensitive persons. I took this picture with a film camera that cost US$89. Used of course. The film is Tri-X, Kodak's most venerable black&white emulsion.  The camera is a Nikon N80, a nifty little auto-focus. 


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