April 23rd, 2017

Yesterday went well

Picnic Day can be a mixed bag. It can be fun. Or it can be hot and sweaty with rude drunks and bad vibes. Yesterday was a little of both. The drunks quotient wasn't so bad. The weather was borderline. The parade was great, but the crowds were not. I was there because I live in town and it's a tradition. Some of the other folks-you wondered if maybe they had something better to do with their Saturday? Would you stand in a line for a half hour (or more?) for the privilege of trying to milk a cow? (And jeezus, what kind of a day was it for the cow?)

This guy gets top marks for agility and courage. I wouldn't believe you could turn this thing if I hadn't watched him do it. He was riding this thing in a parade where thousands could witness his triumph or failure. After the fleet of silly bicycles came a fleet of Deloreans. Feel free to come up with your own thoughts on that.

Goodbye wet season

Even though it's not completely over yet, we are coming to the time of year when the rain stops. Most of the grasses that are now green will turn yellow. The threat of flood will be replaced by the threat of fire. This past winter brought the end of a five(six?) year drought. I'm always grateful with a drought is over, but I do wish the green could last longer. The western United States, especially this side of the Rockies is a dry place, albeit very beautiful in spots. But I was born in a green place as were my ancestors so it's hard not to yearn for it sometimes.
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