June 30th, 2020

I will not paraphrase Shakespeare by saying this is the summer of our you-know-what

This is from about a month ago.  Things were looking pretty bad though there was still hope at least the virus might abate. It appears we were wrong to get our hopes up. Now in the U.S., we have politicized public health measures though it won't be the first time.   I will be grateful if July 4th passes peacefully.
So I took this with one of my cheapie film cameras,  a Minolta X570.  The lens is a Rokkor 45mm f/2. The camera was about US$80 and the lens another sixty.  It was built with a far amount of plastic so it's light and easy to carry with you casually.
I like how film makes you wait. It restores your ability to enjoy the pleasure of anticipation. Imagine taking a picture and having to wait a month to see it? It sounds crazy in this instant digital age but it's actually a lot of fun.