March 16th, 2021

Is this the way we finally get out of this?

Got up on Sunday morning, had breakfast, the usual. Then it was a car ride down the freeway to the hospital. Or rather , a tent in the hospital parking lot. It was overcast and chilly. I was wearing a short sleeved shirt for easy access to my upper arm. Should have worn a warmer jacket. The line wasn't long, even with social distancing. Credentials were verified and then the wait in the numbered, socially distanced chairs. This picture was taken in the after-jab tent. I amused myself by imagining one of the side effects being the sprouting of antlers. Alas, the guy in front of me remained antler-free. After fifteen minutes, we were allowed to go.  It's been about a year exactly since the lockdown became serious around here.  The date floated out  for return to normal is July 4. (Sounds political :-)