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Yesterday went well

Picnic Day can be a mixed bag. It can be fun. Or it can be hot and sweaty with rude drunks and bad vibes. Yesterday was a little of both. The drunks quotient wasn't so bad. The weather was borderline. The parade was great, but the crowds were not. I was there because I live in town and it's a tradition. Some of the other folks-you wondered if maybe they had something better to do with their Saturday? Would you stand in a line for a half hour (or more?) for the privilege of trying to milk a cow? (And jeezus, what kind of a day was it for the cow?)

This guy gets top marks for agility and courage. I wouldn't believe you could turn this thing if I hadn't watched him do it. He was riding this thing in a parade where thousands could witness his triumph or failure. After the fleet of silly bicycles came a fleet of Deloreans. Feel free to come up with your own thoughts on that.
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