katiecregon (katiecregon) wrote,

Enough for pity sake!

I know that in a drought afflicted place like California, one shouldn't be saying this, but I'm getting sick to death of the rain. We have had years when there has been more rain, but I can't remember the last time when it was this depressing. Maybe if I get some wellies it will stop?

This is not a double exposure.  These ventilation pipes were standing inside a shop being redone. The trees were behind me, causing the window reflection.  A lot of people who shoot black and white like to use film while using digital for color work.  I like using film for color and digital for black and white. This was shot with a Fuji XE2 and Fuji XF 23 mm f/2. 
Tags: architecture, black and white photography, digital photography, fujixe2, fujixf23mm, urban landscape
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