katiecregon (katiecregon) wrote,

Roadside remembrance

This is a little shrine someone put together, probably for a loved one who died in an accident on this bit of the road. With the advent of seat belt requirements, air bags, and a crackdown on drunk drivers, we are seeing many fewer auto related fatalies in this country than when I was young.  The year I first got my full driver's license, there were 26 fatalities per 100,000 popuation. In 2017, the rate was 11.4.  Still, there seem to be quite a lot of these showing up from time to time.  Maybe people around here are a more reckless or hapless segment of the population?
Tags: black and white photography, california, everyday life, flowers, fujixe2, fujixf23mm, human folly, impermanence, life in the modern world, rural, sad
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