katiecregon (katiecregon) wrote,

New lens

This is the Fuji XF 50mm f/2.  It's amazing. It's small, the AF is fast and the results so far have been lovely.
I discovered the merits of a moderate telephoto on a trip up the back side of the Sierra Nevada(Hwy 395). We were in this huge landscape that looked overwhelming with a wide angle or normal lens.  I had a Hasseblad with a 150mm lens, (mod tele for that format) It was wonderful. I also had a mod tele for my digital camera, a 56mm on an APS-C sensor.
The 56 mm looked a bit tight for smaller landscapes but this 50 seems to hit the sweet spot.

Tags: digital photography, fuji xf 50mm f/2, fujixe2, love my tools, swimming pool

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