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Stuck too long in one spot

For the past few months, October, November and a bit into December, we have been getting ready to move, moving, and recovering from moving.  At various times we had tidied, reorganized, etc. but we had not completely moved house in twenty-nine years.  It was daunting. At times it was horrible.  If you had told me in December 1990 that I would be staying put for almost three decades, I would have laughed in your face.  Now that it's mostly over, I can see, in many ways it was wonderful.  I was like a boat sitting in one place for too long. Then the boat got hauled out of the water to have the barnacles and such scraped off the bottom and a new coat of paint applied. Now I feel ready to set sail for open water again.
While digging through my stuff, I decided I would put all my various Buddhas together on the top of my bookcase. Okay, a couple are Bodhisattvas, they will enter Buddhahood when they can bring the rest of us with them.

Tags: buddha, impermanence, meditation, spiritual practice

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