katiecregon (katiecregon) wrote,

These little things

I was at a shop ordering some doors.  I was feeling cold and rushed and a little annoyed.  Then I looked over and noticed the light on the metal siding of an adjacent building.  In front was a block wall and overhead the sky.  I had only my phone with me so it would have to do.  I didn’t really have time to stop, but I did anyway. Sometimes these things work. Sometimes they don’t. It is a bit austere and abstract.
I like threes. Under, middle, over. And the different textures, the rough stone, the smooth metal, the soft clouds.
Is it really a neutral thing to snatch bits out of life and put a frame around them? I’ve been doing it for so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like not to.
Tags: architecture, iphone photography, iphone8plus, local stuff, urban landscape

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