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And March is even stranger. I think.

The line was better at the grocery store this week. It took five instead of ten minutes to get inside. Once there, we had plenty of room and food. Even though California is supposed to be hard hit, I don't know anyone who is sick or who knows anyone who is sick. I have a young family member whose job has been cut back by 75%. The one-time cash giveaway and unemployment insurance will do little to alleviate the financial shortfall. I don't want to die but I would rather take my chances than see so many people suffer this much financial hardship. To me it isn't a matter of money versus lives. Money is lives. Money is food. Money is shelter.
A couple days ago there was an article on the BBC newsfeed about the situation in India. They said that 90% of the workers in that country are day laborers. If they don't work that day, they and their families don't eat that night. How many of them do we sacrifice to give rich old people a few more years? 
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