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Change of venue

For a very long time, I have considered myself a street photographer. Recently, things have come along to push me away from that environment. The CV has made urban areas less accessable. The problem is, the alternative around here and within the limits imposed by the CV is this:

This is a much different space from what I'm used to. There aren't very many people out here. Just a lot of farm stuff. It's not like it's unimportant. The Central Valley of California is one of the major ag regions on the planet. But I wonder if I will come to understand it as a photographer?

I do understand that this is what makes it all possible. It doesn't come from the sky in summer. It's a mining operation.

I don't have a pick-up truck but so far no one has held it against me. This is a car driving kind of thing. In the City you walk, the car is left in the parking lot of a suburban train station. If you did much walking out here, you would be viewed with suspicion.
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